Secrets In Affiliate Marketing

Simply register in Amazon’s affiliate program and recommend things doesn’t work. It would be nice too. There are at least a million other people doing exactly the same thing, so why buy from you? The same is true for the Network Marketers among you. Why should I go into business with you or buy from you? What do you have that others don’t? Today you will learn my Top secrets and how to position yourself correctly in affiliate marketing.

How to lose your credibility

First of all, it is important that you have a plan of the products you recommend. Let’s say you’ve found a shampoo brand that’s totally great, you recommend it to all your friends, they buy it and you make a lot of money. The following week you found a good shampoo brand again and you recommend it again.

But this time everything is a bit different. Your friends ask you: “I thought the other one was so great. I got this extra. Isn’t it now as good as you said? :(“. You jump from possibility to possibility. No Bueno. Instant Credibility loss.

Try to use products that complement each other instead. If you recommend a shampoo to your colleague, you have exactly one chance – he already has a shampoo, he doesn’t need another one. Ask yourself: “What else could he need with the shampoo? How about a conditioner and a cure? It’s called the Opportunity Stack and you can read it in detail in Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets.

Living Lifestyle

Give people a reason to follow you. Use the things you recommend yourself and show them how the life you can have can be if you use the possibilities you offer. It’s enough to post daily on social media, updates or short tips. A small Facebook live has never hurt – on the contrary. The more personal you make it, the more success you will have.

I’ve seen a lot of Network Marketing Leaders with blatant staying power on that. They set a high value on their lifestyle. Most of them just do that and can already celebrate success. Think about what you will achieve if you implement even more of my techniques! Just please don’t be boring and don’t be ashamed. You are great, your product is awesome and can show it after calmly!

In the herd it lives more easily

People have been living in groups since the Stone Age. Small packs can be found everywhere and they are a basic need of everyone. Maybe you know the single cliques from school… there it was the nerds, the emos, the “cool ones” etc… Everyone has a fixed place, which he chooses according to his interests.

People who are interested in hair care can be united in a community, a movement, and the common interest in the focus. These people just love to talk about shampoos and you won’t have any problems making recommendations. But as always, make sure you create real value, don’t spam, and be EQUAL to the people.

“I always have more than anyone else.”

What makes you special? What else sets you apart from the others? Can you make the product you recommend even more sexy? Maybe you can add something as a bonus when someone buys through your referral link? For example, you can say that everyone who orders through you will get a free hair care and hairstyle guide for every shampoo.

The only important thing is that there are no expenses for you. The easiest way is to explain useful PDFs or video material that will either facilitate the use of the product or take it to a higher level. It must not be boring and must be irresistible.

Which of these 3 techniques can you still use today? Write me in the comments what your secrets are for affiliate marketing and how you can better position yourself. What makes you different from the others?

We know the secrets of affiliate marketing. Many at least. Our affiliates know the other tips & tricks.

Have you ever wondered why some affiliate programs are highly successful while others generate only modest sales? In fact, there are some stumbling blocks you should know and avoid as a merchant. In the following we will tell you the eight secrets to successful affiliate marketing.

Functioning technology – the basic prerequisite

Partner links: Make sure that the partner links you deliver function technically flawlessly and that the interested party lands on the desired page without detours or long loading times.

Target page: Once the potential customer has arrived at your site, he should receive exactly the information he expects. Therefore, only refer them to your homepage if they also find the favourable offer that the previously clicked link has promised them.

Shop technology: Make sure that your Internet shop is easy and intuitive to use. Anyone who has to search for the shopping cart, finds too little information about possible payment methods or generally does not develop trust due to a badly designed page will leave the shop before placing an order.

Working hand in hand with publishers

Relevance of topics: For particularly successful affiliate marketing, try to find as many publishers as possible that are relevant to the topic. If you run a do-it-yourself shop, then a partner blog that revolves around long-distance travel will bring only a few customers to you.

Link structure: Design your website in such a way that all subpages are permanently preserved. It is very annoying for your publishers if they have made a lot of effort to create suitable description texts, but your site then issues an error message after some time. Even in the virtual world, durability ensures trust. If an offer is actually no longer available, it is better to replace it on the same page with a similar one.

Cookie lifetime: Be generous with the lifespan of your cookies, because the success and motivation of your publishers depend on this. If the referral is still attributed to the publisher even if the actual order is placed days later, he will continue to use your affiliate links.

Commission amount: If you have difficulties to win a sufficient number of suitable partners as a publisher, it may be due to the commission amount granted by you. As a rule of thumb, 5 – 10 % of the value of goods is accepted by many publishers as reasonable remuneration.

Sub commissions: Avoid participating in donation systems on a sub-commission basis, even if these promise increasing sales at the beginning. In the worst case scenario, you will lose many other publishers who feel that their earnings have been lost as a result of such manipulation.
The last point reveals the most important of the secrets for successful affiliate marketing: Always treat your publishers as partners at eye level and remain fair in order to win together in the long run!