Candy and her smart appliances

We have available, at the best price, the appliances of the recognized brand Candy. This company manufactured its first model of Italian washing machine in 1945, and at the end of the 50’s the modern model of frontal Candy washing machine.

As a brand that has now become multinational, it has specialized in the design and production of a wide variety of home appliances, both free-standing and integrated. All its products use the most advanced technology of its time and functions and designs that always allow the best energy performance. The satisfaction of their clients is the main objective of Candy, that also distinguishes itself by making models affordable to any pocket.


Candy is a company that today manufactures all kinds of home appliances. Below are some of the Candy models of appliances that we have available at Bazar El Regalo at the best price.


We have several models of your washing machines available, both front-loading and top-loading. All of them have an energy efficiency labelling above category A, being most of the models A++ or higher. We sell washing machines that can work with loads from 6 to 10 kilos. An example of them is the CANDY CSS1492D3S washing machine, with a load of 9 kgs.


We have several models of microwaves of this brand, of different sizes and with colors that serve to join in any style of kitchen. Classic models in white and several of them in silver, green or orange. The Microwave with Grill CANDY EGO, is perfect for modern style kitchens. Capacities range from 20 to 30 liters, and powers from 700 to 1,000 watts.


The ovens of this brand are highly energy efficient and their capacities range from 60 to 71 litres. The model of Candy Pyrolytic Oven FCPK62XL has a pyrolysis cleaning system, which makes cleaning after cooking much easier.


The variety of refrigerators is one of the strengths of our catalogue. We have everything from small refrigerators for bedrooms, living rooms or offices to large combined refrigerators with a freezer section in two doors. All models are highly energy-efficient and non-frosting, which prevents frosting.


Washer-dryers are household appliances that have an integrated function for drying clothes after washing and spinning. The models we have for sale are labelled with level A efficiency and their capacities range from 5 to 9 kilos, like the model GSVW1466DC.


This brand’s glass-ceramic models have three stoves or cooking areas, measuring 60 centimetres, with a maximum consumption on the largest stove of around 2,500 watts. These plates have very similar designs, serving as an example the model CANDY CH630C of black glass.


The Candy brand manufactures a range of appliances that are considered smart because of their variety of functions and high energy efficiency. These are appliances that also have additional functionalities to increase safety in the home and during use, and that can integrate remote monitoring modes from a mobile phone or tablet.

In short, we have available the Candy washing machine and many more products of this fantastic brand, where it is possible to buy at the best price.

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