Lessons Learned From the Coronavirus

Exist life lessons to be learned during this pandemic? You bet.

Albeit, it isn’t over yet. Head of state Donald Trump alerted recently that the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. will probably “worsen before it gets better.” Yea, kinda figured that out. The coronavirus isn’t going anywhere soon and also, once again, this pandemic is requiring individuals to stop and mirror.

Well, perhaps not every person is stopping briefly. As states began lifting constraints of businesses and public areas, photos and also videos of individuals gathering in mass began emerging on the information. Not only was I distressed as an older American, however I felt that in the thrill to get back to “typical,” people were losing out on learning beneficial lessons regarding empathy and self-sacrificing.

Actually, the attitude of some people surprised me. For example, I became aware of Elizabeth Linscott as well as her other half, Isaiah, from Kentucky who were positioned on house arrest last week after Elizabeth examined positive for the coronavirus. The couple refused to authorize records accepting quarantine at home for two weeks.

“There is no pandemic,” Elizabeth stated emphatically. Truly? A pandemic is defined as the globally spread of a brand-new illness. With over 16 million people all over the world detected with COVID-19 at the time of this writing, doesn’t that qualify?

“If you’re scared, please do stay home, since I can not place my life on time out since you’re terrified,” she added in an interview with Good Morning America. I was floored. What about individuals on the front lines – everybody from those in the clinical field to supermarket workers – who are frightened but required to go to function? They do not have the selection to “stay at home.” Those more at risk still require to endeavor outside for essential tasks like getting food or clinical visits. I intend to state, hey Elizabeth, we’re talking about 14 days out of your whole life when your actions could mean life and also death for some individuals. Whatever took place to self-sacrificing for the greater good?

Yet, I completely understand there are some who agree with her statements.

Even after limitations were lifted, for some “regular” life was still difficult. Older baby boomers as well as those with health issues were still advised to stay at home. And also for those regreting the loss of a loved one, things would certainly never ever coincide. Really, after an inoculation is readily available and also we get to the opposite of this pandemic, will our “normal” look the same for any one of us? I don’t believe so. Right here’s a thought. When that occurs, before going out to claim our lives back, possibly it’s time to confess that the pandemic has changed us for life – and also a few of it deserves preserving.

Ryan Seacrest joked, “If I start a Brand-new Years countdown will 2020 be over?” A funny joke, yet probably because I’m older as well as understand my days are limited, I would not give up valuable time, even with its tests, to rush ahead to the future. If we utilize this pandemic as a time to show, there are important and unique life lessons to be learned.

Not that the coronavirus pandemic has actually been fun. I do not want to be a Pollyanna here. Undoubtedly, it’s been troubling as well as frustrating at times. As the casualty enhances daily, the news is heartbreaking. I miss out on embracing my friends and family, taking a trip to new interesting places, and also the joyous freedom of going to a boisterous, crowded show. The dystopian view of empty grocery store racks, cities that appeared like ghost towns, as well as people wearing masks was jolting as the pandemic began. I was forced to see the uglier side of mankind as some individuals hoarded food, toilet paper, as well as hand sanitizer. Fraudsters attempted to benefit from the panic. As well as there was the cruel expression “boomer cleaner” that started trending on Twitter, focused on us infant boomers that are much more vulnerable to the virus.

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